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Check out this live version of “Overhaul” by Sittin’ Idol!  Then check out our review of their album “Landmark”!

Source: SoundCloud / Sittin' Idol

Check out this awesome song by E Lafuentes!  It’s called “On the Bar Rockstar” off his album E MAGIC.  Give it a listen and Rock on!  Then check out our review of his album!

Source: SoundCloud / E Lafuentes

Check out this video!  It’s a song called “Lost Again” by an awesome band called KARMA!  Check out our review of the band, and then check out some more sweet-ass music from the band!

Check out this awesome tune from Psychotic Reaction!!  While you’re at it, check out their Facebook page for more of their awesome music and give them a “Like”!!

Source: SoundCloud / Psychotic Reaction

Give a listen to Timeless Void!  Folky, Rocky goodness!

Check out some awesome Electronica from DJ.Skagnetti! Check out our review HERE

Source: SoundCloud / djskagnetti

Hey everyone! Check out some really cool music from The Normal Living! And then check out our review!

Source: SoundCloud / thenormalliving

Bulwark on MarsBands

Check out our review of Bulwark!  They are a face-melting Metal band that will get your blood pumping!  Enjoy!

Hey everyone!  We’ve got some pretty amazing music for you to listen to today!  Check out The Stickies!  Lyrical genius, perfectly crafted music, and brilliant harmony!  Give a listen and then check out our review!

Source: SoundCloud / The Stickies

Have you heard the new album from Well Hung Heart?? It’s pretty fantastic!  Give it a listen!

Source: SoundCloud / WELL HUNG HEART